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An efficient and seamless transit system is essential to supporting a car-free campus and reducing reliance on the personal vehicle, integrating the three campuses, and fully utilizing all existing parking facilities.

  • Provide convenient, timely, and comfortable transportation options to eliminate vehicle dependence in the core of campus and provide access to all existing parking facilities.
  • Optimize bus routes and utilize fuel efficient fleet vehicles to create a healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable campus environment.
  • Implement significant improvements and promote transit system usage by expanding the Lehigh transit and shuttle service, including the implementation of new routes, buses, shelters, wayfinding signage.
  • Provide consistent, attractive, weather-protected bus shelters with clear signs, bus route information, consistent branding, and protection from the elements.
The Future Lehigh Transit System

Campus Connector and Packer Express Route Map

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Transportation Services hopes to better gauge education, enforcement, bike infrastructure and incentives to encourage safe and convenient biking to/from and around campus. Please consider taking this survey to help us prioritize biking improvements.  The results will help shape our recommendations to make the campus more friendly for bike riders. Please be assured that all responses will be completely confidential. The questionnaire will take 5 minutes to complete.