Room Change Process-Fall 2023

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If you are interested in a room change for any reason, you should sign up for a room change by completing the Room Change Waiting List in your My Housing Portal under the applications section.

Fall 2023 Room Change timeline

Due to a technical glitch the Fall 2023 room change waiting list will open at 12 noon on Tuesday September 5, 2023.

September 4, 2023 Students may start signing up for a room change.

September 11, 2022 Room Change offers will begin

Things to understand regarding a room change:

Once you complete the Room Change Waiting List, you will be eligible to receive a room change offer as early as the Monday following your application. Residence Life staff will reach out to you regarding your waiting list application if follow-up is required in order for your application to be processed. You will only receive a room change offer if your application matches with vacant spaces. You should be as open and flexible as possible when completing your application in order to increase your match chances. You will remain on the waiting list for a room change until you remove yourself, you make a room change, or the timeframe for room changes within the current semester ends. The room change waiting list does not roll from semester to semester.

If you receive a housing offer, you will also receive the information of current student(s) in that space. They will receive your information as well. Students are responsible for coordinating with each other to view the space. All students living in spaces where a vacancy exists are notified of the vacancy and of the chance that the space could be utilized in the room change process. The current resident does not have the ability to deny a room change and should not present the vacancy as unavailable. In the unfortunate situation of this happening, please notify Housing Services or Residence Life immediately.

If a room change is offered and accepted, keys will be prepared and ready for pick up from Housing Services on Friday morning. All room changes will take place Fri-Sat-Sun with keys needing to be returned by 12 noon on Monday. You will be given dual card access to both building locations to complete your room change.

Important Note Regarding Room Charge and/or Meal Plan Charge Adjustments:

You will be responsible for any increase or credited for any decrease in room or meal plan cost resulting from a room change. If you are eligible based on the room change to adjust your meal plan, you will be notified and given a specific timeframe within which you may make a change.

Both room and meal plan charge adjustments are processed on a daily rate basis as of the date the room change begins.