Vehicle Rentals

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The University community is encouraged to make vehicle reservations as far in advance as possible. This is particularly important for reservations requiring the services of a driver. 

Transportation offers:

  • Sedans
  • 7 passenger minivans
  • 8 passenger (Traverse/crossover)
  • 12 passenger vans (Please see Qualifications to Operate a University Vehicle)
  • 15 passenger vans - Driver services required. Driver cost:$35/hour plus parking and tolls
  • EZ Pass transponders

Rental Vehicle Capacity Limits due to COVID-19:

  • Vehicle capasity limits and the mask mandate have been lifted, however, the wearing of masks is encouraged within University Rental Vehicles.  

General Information and Policies:

  • Vehicles are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event that a suitable University vehicle is not available, our Transportation office will attempt to obtain a vehicle from an outside vendor. The vendor will be selected based upon vehicle availability, cost, proper insurance coverage, and convenience to the user. Certain additional requirements, such as the driver being at least 21, or possibly even 25, years of age may apply when using an outside vehicle.
  • All persons who wish to operate a university vehicle must fill out a driver information form in addition to the Rental Vehicle Request Form. NOTE: Paper forms are no longer accepted, please use link and fill out requested information. Due to insurance regulations drivers will not be permitted to operate university vehicles without submitting the proper driver information.
  • Academic requests originate from a faculty member or authorized staff member in support of class field trips and/or other academic/research oriented purposes. Athletic use originates from a coach and is approved by the Athletic Director or an Associate Athletic Director. Administrative requests come from faculty or authorized staff member and are approved by an account executive, in support of various administrative activities.
  • Lehigh students are allowed access to vehicles for various student life-related purposes.
  • Vehicles may be used for University business purposes only. The use of University vehicles or the use of Transportation personnel to obtain a vehicle from an outside vendor for personal use is not permitted.
  • Cancellation of a vehicle rental for a weekend day, without incurring a minimum charge, must occur by noon of the Monday prior to the rental. For a weekday rental, by noon of the day prior to the rental. Late cancellations will incur a minimum charge for the number of days of the rental. 
  • Insurance Information 

  • Lehigh University's Transportation office works diligently with the Risk Management office to provide adequate insurance coverage to protect you, your passengers, and the University while traveling.
  • When a personally-owned vehicle is used in the course of University business, the owner's insurance is always primary. As the University's insurance is secondary, the operation of a personally-owned vehicle, including who qualifies as an authorized driver, is subject to all the rules, regulations, and procedures applicable to a University vehicle. Deductibles and other expenses not covered by the owner's personal policy will not be reimbursed by the University.

Rental Rates FY 22/23

CAR (four door sedan)

  • $46.50/day - unlimited mileage + gasoline
  • $300.50/week - 750 miles free per week/.10 per mile + gasoline
  • $1145.00/month - 1500 miles free per month/.10 per mile + gasoline

MINIVAN (7 passenger)

  • $72.00/day - 100 miles free per day/.20 per mile + gasoline
  • $388.50/week - 200 miles free per week/.15 per mile + gasoline
  • $1575.00/month - 1000 miles free per month/.15 per mile + gasoline

TRAVERSE (8 passenger Crossover)

  • $85.50/day - 100 miles free per day/.20 per mile + gasoline
  • $415.00/Weekly - 200 miles free per day /.15 mile + gasoline
  • $1675.00/Monthly -  1000 miles free per month/.15 per mile + gasoline

EXPRESS 2500 (12 passenger van) Please see Qualifications to Operate a University Vehicle

  • $100.00/Day - 100 miles free per day/.25 per mile + gasoline
  • $500.00/Weekly - 200 miles free per week /.20 per mile + gasoline
  • $2000.00/Monthly - 1000 miles free per day/ .20 per mile + gasoline 

EXPRESS 350 (15 passenger van) *

 Note - * Driver services required *. Limited availability. Driver cost: $35.00/hour plus parking and tolls.

**All rates are subject to change**