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The Lab Store


We will be hosting the LabStore inventory liquidation sale on June 16th and June 21st from 8 am – 4 pm.

For items ordered recently, we are offering the inventory at cost, with no markup.

For items that have been in inventory for quite some time, we have researched the current price of those items and are offering them at 50% off the current rate.

On June 13th we will be posting and emailing the list of current inventory, the quantities available, and the discounted pricing.

The liquidation sale is available on a first come, first serve basis. We cannot accept advance inventory liquidation orders or requests to ‘hold’ inventory for sale to specific individuals or departments.

Please be sure to have your index ready at the liquidation sale, as LabStore staff will not be able to perform index lookups during the sale and an index is required to purchase any inventory.



Ethanol is regulated by the PA Liquor Control Board, and a site permit is required for any location that will receive ethanol deliveries. Two critical steps are required for ordering ethanol:

When entering ethanol orders through Unimarket, you must enter 1515 Mountain Drive North as the Delivery location. This is the Central Receiving address and Lehigh has an ethanol site permit for this location. Individual labs do not have the proper permits to receive ethanol orders.  In the Attention line, please enter your name, building and lab/room number.

Once your order is placed via Unimarket, contact Purchasing at Purchasing will complete the appropriate process with the PA Liquor Control board to get the order released and shipped. If Purchasing is not notified, your order will not be shipped.

Please note that Lehigh has preferred pricing through VWR/Avantor.



There are several laboratory consumables that are frequently ordered for same day use in the labs. To ensure immediate availability, the LabStore items below will be available for purchase at the Lehigh Bookstore. Please be sure to have the charging index with you, as the Bookstore staff does not have index lookup ability:

  • Safety goggles
  • Latex/nitrile gloves
  • Paper towels


Orders for gas cylinders must be placed through Unimarket with the Whitaker loading dock as the Delivery Location in the requisition. Gas cylinders are delivered directly to each building loading dock and are not routed through Central Receiving.

There are gas cylinder transportation carts available at the loading dock. Please return them to the loading dock to ensure availability for other users.

Please note in the requisition to the gas vendors if you have any empty cylinders that should be removed upon new cylinder delivery. It’s important that empty cylinders are not stock piled in labs.

Gas cylinders are purchased through Airgas and Linde (formerly Praxair).

When ordering non-gas cylinders through Unimarket, the delivery location must be 1515 Mountain Drive North, with the requesters name in the attention line.


The LabStore orders supplies from the vendors noted below. Each of these vendors are in Unimarket and each has been notified of the closure.



Contact Phone

Contact Email

Customer Services


Jack Bordonaro



Fisher Scientific

Angela Kropf



Linde (Praxair)

Nicki Beecher

Bob Pett

800-772-4059 x47265 (Nicki)

610-212-7764 (Bob)



Sigma Aldrich





Thomas Scientific

Denny Brutnell




Stacey Bender




New Hours of Operation

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 9 am – 2 pm

Online Ordering

Please place your orders independently using Unimarket

Gas Cylinder Delivery

Gas deliveries to Whitaker Lab and Seeley Mudd will be limited to Tuesdays and Thursdays due to restricted loading dock and LabStore access.

Need it now? Shop in-person at the LabStore!

The University-operated LabStore stocks and furnishes laboratory chemicals, solvents, glass ware, certain gas cylinders and laboratory supplies for your convenience. The inventory includes over 400 commonly used items. Orders may be placed by contacting the LabStore by email, or by visiting by the LabStore. Walk up customers unfamiliar to the LabStore will require the presentation of a University ID card prior to conducting a sales transaction. Many commonly used items are available immediately without having to place an order and wait for delivery. 

Visit the LabStore at:

6 East Packer Avenue
Seeley Mudd Building, Room 134
Bethlehem, PA  18015


Preferred Scientific Suppliers

Preferred Scientific Suppliers that provide the University with contract pricing are:

  • Fisher
  • Sigma
  • Thomas
  • VWR

Orders can be placed independently using Unimarket.  

Gas Suppliers

All gas cylinder purchases must be ordered with one of the listed suppliers.  This ensures proper disposal and return at no additional charge.

  • Airgas
  • Praxair 

Orders can be placed independently using Unimarket.  

New Lab Start-Up

Contracted Scientific Vendors provide “New Lab Start Up Programs” with additional promotions made available to you for your specific needs. Quotes will also be provided upon your request.  Contact the LabStore for additional information.

Lab Coat and Safety Goggles

Pre-registeration for sizing prior to beginning of semester is recommended.  For undergraduates and graduate students coats and goggles are available for purchase. Undergraduates will need to provide their Lehigh ID cards and their LIN# to make a purchase when picking up their lab coat and/or goggles 


Chemical Waste Disposal

This service is provided by the department of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) twice a year.

Check their website for a schedule of pick up dates.

Ordering Chemicals

An approval is required through EH&S when ordering a chemical from “The Chemical List of Interest" and “Toxic and Pyrophoric Gas List" before order submission.  Please contact us if you have questions.