Personal Protective Equipment

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As part of our plans to reopen Lehigh and promote a healthy and safe research environment, Lehigh has established the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Distribution Program.  This program is offered to new and returning arrivals working in researching labs to ensure the appropriate PPE is available and supplied by the University.  PPE may include masks, face shields, gowns, and gloves that may be required to engage in specific research or work.

This program does not include reusable cloth face coverings that are required for anyone entering Lehigh’s buildings.  These are to be provided by each individual for personal use.

Who is eligible to receive University supplied PPE?
PPE, if required to perform work at Lehigh, will be provided by the University.  This would include personnel engaged in research, such as  Lehigh faculty, research staff, post-doctoral researchers, visiting scholars, graduate students, and paid undergraduate student workers, as well as non-research employees that may require PPE such as  the Health & Wellness Center, Sports Medicine, LUPD, Facilities, and other units that are at higher risk for exposure to an infected person or contaminated space.

How do I obtain PPE?
This form will route to the LabStore for processing. You will be contacted regarding delivery or pickup options.

Please contact Sharon Zurick in the LabStore with any questions at x83483 or

Lab/Research Only Order Forms
Non Lab/Research Order Form