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Can my friend pick up my mail or package for me?

At this time, we do not allow students to pick up packages for each other. Each student must be present with an official ID to receive their packages and mail.

I’m a graduate student, can I rent a mailbox?

Yes. We offer mailbox rentals for all Lehigh graduate students. Enjoy the same convenience and security that you did as an undergraduate by renting a mailbox through the Mail Center. Contact us to learn more or to rent a mailbox today.

When can I start shipping mail and packages to campus at the start of the semester?

We typically begin accepting packages on or around August 1 for the upcoming academic year. 

What happens to my mail and packages at the end of the semester, during winter break and summer break?

During winter break, all mail and packages are held at the Mail Center for current undergraduate students. Mail and packages can be picked up anytime during winter break or at the start of the Spring semester. If you graduate over winter break, your mail will be held at the Mail Center for pick up until the start of the Spring semester. At that point, mail and packages will be forwarded, if possible, to your home address listed in Banner.

During the summer, all mail and packages for undergraduate students are forwarded to their  home address. The only exception would be if a student is on campus for classes or an internship. If you will be on campus over the summer and would like to receive mail, you must come to the Mail Center and sign up to have your mail held over the break. 

Any student graduating at the end of the Spring semester automatically loses their mailbox after graduation. All mail and packages will be forwarded, if possible, to the student’s home address listed in Banner.

Can I ship a package at the Mail Center?

Yes. We offer the following shipping options: USPS/Certified Mail, FedEx, UPS.

Can I mail a package at your location if I am not a Lehigh student or employee?

Absolutely! Stop in today to ship a package, purchase packing supplies, pick up a pack of stamps and more.

Do you sell stamps?

Yes. We sell "Forever" stamps, first class stamps, postcard stamps, and international stamps.

Do you sell shipping supplies?

Yes, we sell supplies such as boxes, tape and sharpies for your packaging convenience. We also provide a packing service. For a flat fee, we'll package up your items for you. This service includes a box, packing materials, and the assembly. Shipping and mailing fees are not included in the flat fee.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, major credit cards and GoldPlus.

The contents of my package need to be refrigerated upon arrival. Can that be arranged?

Possibly, but please contact us first. We have limited refrigerated space and it depends on space available and package size.