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Support Lehigh Sustainability programs through the CauseNetwork.  The CauseNetwork is a digital fundraising platform for Causes of all kinds. Through Lehigh Sustainability’s partnership, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the general public can donate used personal electronics or shop for the things they normally do year-round (at the places they usually shop at).  The proceeds support Lehigh Sustainability programs! With your participation, Lehigh receives funding to support Lehigh's Sustainable Initiative Grant to fund innovative, scalable projects to create a greener, more sustainable campus.

There are TWO ways you can support:

  1. Donate used personal electronics that you no longer need: Reduce your electronic waste by donating your used technology.
  2. Shop how you normally do: Shop at over 1,000 online stores that donate up to 10% of your purchase to support our cause. 

Perks include:

  • Shopping at the places you usually shop at
  • Decluttering your home and receiving a tax-deductible receipt after the device has been sold
  • Upcycling or recycling your used and unwanted personal electronic devices
  • Supporting Lehigh's Sustainable Initiative Grant
  • Ability to use web or mobile application

Learn more about how you can join our cause year-round here

If you have any questions, please contact us at